Importance Of Clean Air

The air which directly affects the human health and is consumed by all living beings is one of the most important needs of a human. Although people can stay hungry or thirsty for days, they cannot stay without breathing for more than a few minutes. The air which is so important to living beings must be healthy and clean. As humans we spend most of our time in closed environments such as home and workplace. Thus, indoor air quality directly affects criteria like health, work efficiency and communication.


Air pollution causes many diseases such as palsy, heart and vascular, asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer. The people having these diseases, the elderly and babies become more vulnerable when they are faced with polluted air. UVCare Air Disinfection Systems increase indoor air quality while eliminating harmful pollutants and microorganisms in the environment.

For Asthma Patients

There are harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites, mold, pet dander and cigarette odor that can cause asthma, indoors. These harmful particles in closed environments can cause an increase in respiratory problems of adults and children with asthma. Using an air disinfector for tobacco smoke can even help prevent asthma attacks in people with sensitive lungs making a smoke-free environment.

At the same time, airborne household chemicals can trigger them. UVCare Air Disinfection Systems use active carbon filters to remove chemicals and gases from the air in indoor environments with high concentrations of gas or smoke. Appropriate filters are used to remove these particles that trigger asthma. Thus, it destroys 95% of particulate matter and microorganisms.

For Viruses

Keep yourself and your family healthy by choosing an air disinfection system that can eliminate viruses in indoor air. Studies show that airflow and ventilation significantly affect the way that diseases spread indoors. The quieter the ambient air, the more likely the disease will spread.*


*References Proving The COVID-19 Virus Has Been Suspended In The Air