Importance Of Clean Air

The air which directly affects the human health and is consumed by all living beings is one of the most important needs of a human. Although people can stay hungry or thirsty for days, they cannot stay without breathing for more than a few minutes. The air which is so important to living beings must be healthy and clean. As humans we spend most of our time in closed environments such as home and workplace. Thus, indoor air quality directly affects criteria like health, work efficiency and communication.

 Kocaeli, Gebze Real-time Air Quality, dated September 21, 2020

In order to analyze the air quality in a particular region, the index that is converted according to the countries' own limit values and the pollution classification is called Air Quality Index (AQI). This index has been arranged separately for each pollutant measured and is expressed in different definitions and colors in certain categories.

The avian influenza (bird flu), SARS and then the SARS-COVID-2 virus epidemic, which have affected the whole world in recent years, pose a great threat to human health. Since the viruses can move around by attaching to airborne droplets, the use of indoors UV air disinfection systems is of critical importance in order to prevent its spread.

UVtek has been producing superior systems based on customer needs with UV technology for over 25 years.With its deep knowledge and experience, our company is now developing air disinfection systems using UV technology, so that our customers can breathe clean and healthy air in indoor environments.


It effectively captures and traps animal dander, hair, pollen, large allergens, dust and particles while removing the environment from harmful pollutants. It can be cleaned with a vacuum broom or by washing with water. It does not need to be changed unless it is deformed.

The effect of UVC light on microorganisms is used in many areas such as food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry and the disinfection of wastewater. Our company, which is an expert on UV technologies, chemistry, physics and machine disciplines, has developed UVCare Air Disinfection Systems by using the virus killing effect of UVC light.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic that involves the world and our country, air disinfection systems are of critical importance to prevent virus spread in indoor environments. According to the analysis performed in the medical microbiology laboratory of Acıbadem University’s Faculty of Medicine with UVCare-HT100 model air disinfection device, it has been proven that the device eliminates 95% of the microbial loads that threaten the human health.